Two corrections to my last blog about Senator Collina

I sincerely regret that I unintentionally provided incorrect incorrect information about Senator Collins even as I was generally touting her as the ideal running mate for Donald Trump, should Trump indeed become the Republican Presidential nominee.

First, Senator Collins DID campaign for Jeb Bush for the Republican Presidential nominee, where I indicated that she did not.

Second, Senator Collins, in the spirit of bipartisanship for which she is so highly regarded in Washington and in Maine and elsewhere, offered a possible framework for raising the minimum wage, but lower than that desired by many Democrats. Another part of that framework would entail increasing the number of hours that under Obamacare define “full-time” employees as 30 hours or more to a higher number.

I still believe that Donald Trump should think seriously about inviting Senator Collins to be his running mate if he winds up getting the Republican nomination. The Democrats’ godless Communists would then have even more to worry about.