Re judges, who is Joe Biden to criticize Trump?

I am no fan of Donald Trump and utterly reject his comments about the Indiana judge of Mexican ancestry. They are simply outrageous.
But where does the saintly Vice President come in to criticize Trump for racism when Biden was instrumental in getting Clarence Thomas approved by the Senate for the Supreme Court a quarter century ago? To be sure, Thomas is African-American, but his extreme conservatism did not exactly make him a worthy successor to the first African American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

As the recent HBO program on Anita Hill reminded us, Biden, then Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, refused to allow any other witnesses after Hill’s explosive testimony about working for Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. One or more additional female witnesses might have turned the tide against Thomas. Instead, thanks partly to the saintly Biden, and after a narrow Senate vote, we’ve had Thomas for 25 years now and presumably many more to come.

In my opinion, Biden’s behavior here is far more damaging to progressive causes than anything that Trump has said. We don’t need Biden’s hypocrisy here.Only if , God forbid, Trump became President and had the opportunity to nominate Supreme Court justices as anti-progressive as Clarence Thomas would Biden have the moral authority to criticize Trump.

No less important, Biden’s comments yesterday–about as courageous as Senator Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary when Bernie had been defeated for the Democratic nomination—imply that judges have rarely if ever been subjected to the kind of offensive comments made by Trump. What nonsense. The Founding Fathers, contrary to the Vice President, did not believe that women or non-whites could serve as effective judges because of their alleged inferiority. Is Biden SO ignorant of early American history?

The only positive outcome, in my mind, is the confirmation (no pun intended) that Biden was wise not to seek the Democratic nomination for President.