SAD 13 Supt. is teaching her students and staff the wrong lesson

As many school districts and systems across Maine and across America are allowing students and sometimes staff to participate in peaceful protests about gun violence in recent and future weeks, Maine has a Superintendent, Virginia Rebar, who has no interest in such presumably “liberal” activities. Rebar oversees schools in Moscow and Bingham and made clear that students who participate in these events will be marked as “absent without permission” and “will be subject to normal disciplinary procedures.”

Instead of offering students and perhaps some staff the opportunity to participate in non-violent pleas for changes in laws regulating gun purchases and background checks, this visionary leader is making sure that SAD 13 students learn that the powers that be—and not just the NRA—will not tolerate dissent.

I can’t help but wonder what this distinguished educator would say if her students and perhaps some staff asked to participate in a rally or two during school hours opposing any changes in laws and policies regulating gun purchases and background checks. I strongly suspect that she would approve of such activities and maybe wave American flags.

Her narrow-mindedness is pathetic.