If politically conservative students were protesting, would any administrators object?

If any Maine students wished to leave school for seventeen minutes in order to demand greater access to guns and to lower (or maintain) the age at which weapons  could be purchased, would most Maine school authorities object? Hardly. And if these or other conservative students wished to leave school for seventeen minutes  to wave American flags and to hold up posters of both President Trump and Governor LePage, how many school authorities would warn them about possible disciplinary action? Likely none.

The decision of Bangor High School Principal Paul Butler to deny media access to  students with liberal and,God forbid, Democratic viewpoints was itself, in my view, a blatant political statement as well as an exercise in censorship by someone of very different political leanings from those students.

Wait till a right-wing Republican wants to hold a political rally during Bangor High School hours on whatever topic, not just guns, and see the much more sympathetic response. Or so I predict. And regret.