Can the Bangor Schools administration stop the media from covering today’s student protests?

After the Bangor Schools administration prevented any media coverage of last Friday’s protest by many Bangor High students over gun ownership and safety, the Republicans who control public education in Bangor must be besides themselves with anxiety over today’s protests across Maine and across the nation. At a minimum, some school administrators should be out in Bangor and other nearby communities taking pictures of these protesting students—and, God help us, faculty and staff–for future reference. Let them be on notice that Making America Great(er) means following the Republican line on this issue.

To be sure, any and all Bangor schools students, faculty, and staff who are doing the right thing and counter protesting should also be photographed in order to be commended in due course for their courage and patriotism. Perhaps framed photos of President Trump or of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, whose nomination was saved by Senator Collins’ cynical votes in committee (for) and later on the Senate floor (against, when it didn’t matter).