If politically conservative students were protesting, would any administrators object?

If any Maine students wished to leave school for seventeen minutes in order to demand greater access to guns and to lower (or maintain) the age at which weapons  could be purchased, would most Maine school authorities object? Hardly. And if these or other conservative students wished to leave school for seventeen minutes  to wave […]

SAD 13 Supt. is teaching her students and staff the wrong lesson

As many school districts and systems across Maine and across America are allowing students and sometimes staff to participate in peaceful protests about gun violence in recent and future weeks, Maine has a Superintendent, Virginia Rebar, who has no interest in such presumably “liberal” activities. Rebar oversees schools in Moscow and Bingham and made clear […]

Lost Chance to Promote “One University” during the Superbowl

The UMaine System had a golden opportunity to promote around the world its pioneering and widely applauded “One University” reconfiguration during the Superbowl. Might have generated lots more applications. If, to be sure, the System is getting considerably more applicants, many of those students are in fact dropping out in their first year. True, the […]

Does Senator Collins care about Education Secretary DeVos’ love of for-profit schools?

The Attorneys General of Massachusetts, Illinois, and  New York  have filed a third  lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education. According to the lawsuit, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has failed to assist the tens of thousands of victims of for-profit colleges. Specifically, the agency has allegedly violated federal laws with its endless delays in […]

Is Senator Collins still our “Perfect Senator, as Sen. Angus King has called her?

Many admirers of Sen. Susan Collins were surprised and dismayed by her vote early Saturday morning to pass the much revised Senate tax return bill, with its devastating cuts to ObamaCare and its burdensome taxation of graduate student stipends throughout American higher education–among other controversial components. I was not surprised. I have never been persuaded […]

Questions for the UMaine Presidential Search Committee

As the search gets underway for a “permanent” UMaine President to succeed the highly respected  and much liked “interim” President Sue Hunter, questions should be addressed from the start. Should the finalists be Mainers by birth  or least have spent considerable time in Maine? Would being “from away” necessarily be a liability? Should the finalists […]