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I teach history at the University of Maine.

Climate Change Deep History Is Valued–Not So History of Later Times

“History Repeats” is the title of the recent online U.Maine News story about the fascinating and highly important studies being conducted by UMaine’s Climate Change Institute. Under the direction of world-famous Professor Paul  Mayewski, a team of researchers has been analyzing ice cores from Greenland that are nearly 11,700 years old. They have concluded that […]

Senator Collins–you’re no Margaret Chase Smith

Tuesday’s Bangor Daily News had a front-page story on Senator Collins once again praising Senator Margaret Chase Smith, whose seat Collins occupies, as her personal model of a “trailblazing lawmaker.” Repeating the same rhetoric that Collins has used since entering the Senate in 1997, rhetoric that will surely be repeated further during her upcoming re-election […]

The Best Higher Ed Places to Work in Maine–What Counts?

A recently published letter to the editor by a long-time classified employee at the Orono campus noted her keen disappointment at the inability to afford some classes at the campus’ excellent Recreation Center because they were apparently no longer free to classified employees (and perhaps other campus employees). Despite decades of service to U Maine, […]