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I teach history at the University of Maine.

Governor LePage’s contempt for classroom teachers is in the American tradition

By now it is hardly surprising that Governor LePage has contempt for nearly all educators outside of vocational schools and vocational departments within comprehensive schools. His recent comments that classroom teachers are a dime “a dozen” and waste their time and that of their students in using books is, alas, as American as apple pie. […]

The Blind Faith & Obedience of State Rep. Ken Fredette reaffirmed

Education: Future Imperfect Contemporary perspectives on education Could Rep. Ken Fredette Have Saved Richard Nixon’s Presidency? An updated version of my May 15, 2015, blog regarding Maine House Minority Leader Ken Fredette as a cowardly blind follower of Gov. LePage and a complete opposite of courageous Maine Republicans Margaret Chase Smith and William Cohen. Like […]

School Choice Did Not Characterize America’s Black Colleges, Sec. DeVos

New Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently characterized  America’s historically black colleges and universities as pioneers in the school choice crusade that she leads. That our highest federal government official could be so misinformed about the origins of those institutions speaks for itself about her lack of qualifications for her Cabinet post. Nearly all of […]

Senator Collins’ support of Senator Sessions is no surprise

Back˚ in September 2015 I posted a blog after reading an otherwise forgettable item in Maine newspapers about a lecture delivered by Senator Collins at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. This was an inaugural Distinguished Lecture filled with the usual self-congratulatory rhetoric of Collins’ saintly bi-partisanship. Collins’ brother Sam still chairs the University […]

Sen. Collins’ support of Sen. Jeff Sessions makes for lively Thanksgiving conversation

Last Friday “Our Senator” Susan Collins strongly supported her fellow Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama for Attorney General. Notwithstanding the decades-old racist comments that cost him a federal judgeship before being elected to the Senate–and, more recently, notwithstanding Sessions’ fervent opposition to immigration policy reforms and to gay marriage, Collins praised him as a hardworking […]

Gov. LePage is an unreconstructed Social Darwinian

In my American history survey course that covers roughly 1877 till the present, I recently discussed Social Darwinism. That was the deliberate misreading of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to apply to human societies, particularly to public policy. Darwin never intended for his scientific observations and in turn sophisticated theories to be applied to 19th-century […]