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I teach history at the University of Maine.

Gov. LePage is an unreconstructed Social Darwinian

In my American history survey course that covers roughly 1877 till the present, I recently discussed Social Darwinism. That was the deliberate misreading of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to apply to human societies, particularly to public policy. Darwin never intended for his scientific observations and in turn sophisticated theories to be applied to 19th-century […]

Governor LePage should abolish the Dept. of Education

Amidst the ongoing controversy over Governor LePage’s refusal to nominate a permanent Commissioner of Education, lest the illustrious William Beardsley be rejected by leftist legislators who don’t appreciate his superb qualifications, let the Governor do what President Ronald Reagan tried to do: simply abolish the entire department. Alas, Reagan wasn’t able to accomplish this and […]

One University Initiative–OUI

I take no credit for this embarrassing discovery. A letter in today’s Sunday Maine Telegram by someone I don’t know who lives in Southern Maine pointed this out. “One University Initiative” was touted most recently in announcing the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs charged with implementing this vision (and I use […]

Does Vice President Biden regret helping Clarence Thomas become a Supreme Court justice?

Reviews of the upcoming HBO program “Confirmation” remind some of us and enlighten others too young to have been around in 1991, of the crucial role played by now Vice President Joe Biden in the narrow Senate vote in favor of appointing Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. When the Court’s first African American justice, […]

Two corrections to my last blog about Senator Collina

I sincerely regret that I unintentionally provided incorrect incorrect information about Senator Collins even as I was generally touting her as the ideal running mate for Donald Trump, should Trump indeed become the Republican Presidential nominee. First, Senator Collins DID campaign for Jeb Bush for the Republican Presidential nominee, where I indicated that she did […]

Why Senator Collins would be an ideal running mate with Donald Trump

Assuming that Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party’s nominee for President, he will surely be under enormous pressure from various sides to select a running mate to complement and enhance his candidacy.  Senator Susan Collins would make an ideal Vice Presidential nominee. Back in 1984 Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale chose New York Congresswomen Geraldine […]