Using voice mail to fire tenured USM faculty is not an accident

It is by now well known that at least two tenured U Southern Maine faculty were recently notified by voice mails  that they were being terminated–“retrenched”–effective January 1, 2015. Using voice mails was, it has been explained, a mistake. A new dean unfamiliar with whatever procedures are ordinarily used somehow decided to communicate with a […]

Do Administrators Lose Sleep Over Reducing Faculty Ranks?

Reading today’s reports of the pending elimination of some fifty full-time faculty positions at the University of Southern Maine, I once again wonder if Interim President David Flanagan and his hand-picked team of mostly administrators shed any tears over this and earlier plans. One looks in vain for anything about eliminating higher level staff positions, […]

“Ours is not to reason why”–off-base criticisms of Susan Dench’s rejection

After reading countless comments over the years in response to BDNews articles, editorials, and opinion pieces about public higher education in Maine, I should probably not be surprised at the ridiculous reactions to my blog about yesterday’s State Senate rejection of Susan Dench for the U.Maine System Board of Trustees. In the eyes of most […]

Colby’s Presidential Inauguration: In Praise of Faculty and Liberal Arts

The weekend before last I attended the inauguration of Colby’s new President, David Greene. I represented Phi Beta Kappa and was delighted to participate along with the presidents of several other Maine colleges (Bates, Bowdoin, Thomas, and the University of Southern Maine) plus alumni and alumnae of other colleges and universities, including the University of […]