Christie–LePage or Bush–Collins for 2016 Republican Victory

Now that Governor LePage has warmly endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the Republican nomination for President for 2016, while Senator Collins has done the same for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, political operatives in Maine and elsewhere should work overtime to get LePage or Collins as Vice Presidential nominees should either Christie or […]

“As an educator, you, sir are a disgrace” & other replies to my Sister Helen blog

Now that the Boston Marathon jury has chosen the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (DT), it is interesting to read the replies to my earlier blog criticizing Sister Helen Prejean for trying to spare his life by finding alleged remorse during her recent five conservations with him—not withstanding his lack of emotion, much less remorse, […]

Could Rep. Ken Fredette Have Saved Richard Nixon’s Presidency?

As I have completed this week my annual undergraduate survey course in American history from Reconstruction through the present, I have covered the resignation in August 1974 of President Nixon. I have discussed the eventual conclusion of many otherwise loyal Republican U.S. Representatives and Senators and other party leaders that Nixon faced inevitable impeachment by […]