Does the new Portland charter school deserve Justin Alfond’s condemnation?

Big Bangor Daily News story: “Maine Senate President Justin Alfond, D-Portland, attacked a new charter school in his district Friday for aligning itself with what he called one of the most extreme political organizations in Maine.” Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, a charter school opening this fall, was criticized by Alfond for hosting a […]

Between The Sheets: Laying Off 17 Eastern Maine Hospital Laundry Workers and the UMaine System

Tonight’s online edition of the Bangor Daily News has a brief story about the possible layoff of 17 out of 27 laundry workers at the hospital in order to reduce the volume of daily laundry, to lessen the toll on aging machines, and to meet unspecified environmental concerns. At first glance, this has absolutely nothing […]

Ohio State’s Gordon Gee and UMaine’s Dale Lick: loose lips sink presidencies

As has been widely reported in recent days, the President of mammoth Ohio State University, Gordon Gee, has been forced to resign his position because of comments he made “off the record” back in December ┬áthat were only recently reported by the Associated Press. Speaking about why Notre Dame University not been invited to join […]

Education: George Orwell Would Love UME System Faculty’s New “Work to Rule”

I am neither a lawyer nor a major player in the National Education Association’s UME System faculty affiliate called AFUM. As a dues-paying member who has nevertheless followed closely summaries of the protracted negotiations over years now between AFUM and the University of Maine System and Trustees, I do understand that repeated efforts to obtain […]

UMS chancellor should be careful not to tout STEM courses to the detriment of other areas

For those who live on Mars or Venus, STEM means science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM has become a buzzword throughout education in recent years, not least in the University of Maine System. As elsewhere in public higher education, there is nowadays an obsession with touting STEM subjects for ever more undergraduates and for connecting […]