Does Vice President Biden regret helping Clarence Thomas become a Supreme Court justice?

Reviews of the upcoming HBO program “Confirmation” remind some of us and enlighten others too young to have been around in 1991, of the crucial role played by now Vice President Joe Biden in the narrow Senate vote in favor of appointing Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. When the Court’s first African American justice, […]

Two corrections to my last blog about Senator Collina

I sincerely regret that I unintentionally provided incorrect incorrect information about Senator Collins even as I was generally touting her as the ideal running mate for Donald Trump, should Trump indeed become the Republican Presidential nominee. First, Senator Collins DID campaign for Jeb Bush for the Republican Presidential nominee, where I indicated that she did […]

Why Senator Collins would be an ideal running mate with Donald Trump

Assuming that Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party’s nominee for President, he will surely be under enormous pressure from various sides to select a running mate to complement and enhance his candidacy.  Senator Susan Collins would make an ideal Vice Presidential nominee. Back in 1984 Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale chose New York Congresswomen Geraldine […]

The Republican Party is changing, not dying

Current lamentations by the so-called Republican Party establishment that the Grand Old Party is fading away with the likely presidential nomination of Donald Trump are misplaced. Those alleged experts who are ignorant of American history apparently don’t understand the party’s origins in the1850’s and 1860’s as the party of Abraham Lincoln and other advocates of […]