Bruce Poliquin for next Speaker of the House of Representatives

With the resignation of Speaker Paul Ryan, our US Representative Bruce Poliquin is well placed to succeed him. “Why not the best,” as Admiral Hyman Rickover liked to say.

Poliquin has been outspoken defender of the interests of the Second District, well at least some of them. His repeated refusal to keep ObamaCare alive in one way or another speaks volumes about his character. So does his devotion to his constituents and his countless hours meeting them (or hiding from them).

Maine has had two powerful Speakers of the House: James G. Blaine (1830-1893) and Thomas Brackett Reed (1839-1932). Each served several terms and each dominated the House during their respective terms.

Surely it is time for our own Bruce Poliquin to join their ranks. A bipartisan grass-roots vote to re-elect this inspiring and compassionate leader could help our state in countless ways.