Shame on Senator Collins for her support of AG Sessions & Ed Sec DeVos

Recall that Senator Collins’ recent commencement speeches at both UMaine and Colby stressed the need for civility inside the political arena and outside. This is the same tired rhetoric that makes too many Mainers believe that, when push comes to shove, Collins acts and votes that even-handed way in the Senate. Hardly true.

Recall that Collins went overboard in supporting her dear fried Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. She knew, of course, about his racist past and his admiration for the KKK (save when some smoked dope). Surely she now supports AG Sessions’ inhumane separation of parents and children and his quotations from the Bible to justify these actions that trouble less saintly persons than Sessions and Collins. Shame on Senator Collins.

Recall that the always calculating Collins made sure that Betsy DeVos would be approved as Secretary of Education. Voting for her in the crucial Senate Committee vote, she then voted against her on the Senate floor–when she knew that DeVos had enough votes from others to be approved. Why the change of vote? Because, Collins claimed, she needed time to go over DeVos’ record–as if this fanatic proponent of private charter schools had somehow turned 180 degrees overnight! Thanks to Collins, thousands of students and their families who lost millions on for-profit will never be compensated now that DeVos has overturned Obama Administration policies to help victims of institutions akin to Trump University.

And now we have DeVos refusing to discuss guns in schools as part of an investigation of school shootings. Like the Governor of Texas, guns are completely off the table when school violence is discussed. What does Collins say on this?

Collins’ record is shameful, not that the mainstream Maine media would ever mention this. Her plea for civility doesn’t quite cut it when discussing children separated from their parents, public education being undermined, students and families losing lifetime savings on worthless college credits and degrees, and discussions about guns in schools being eliminated.

“Our Senator” indeed!