A Star Is Born–not Lady Gaga but Senator Susan Collins

Having paid for my ticket on Saturday night to see “A Star is Born,” I quickly realized that the new movie with Lady Gaga was NOT about Maine’s senior senator but was instead a remake of a classic movie. I should have checked the early reviews.

However, the simultaneous focus on Senator Collins for her crucial votes to make Judge Kavanaugh the next Justice of the Supreme Court has in fact given her an international recognition from supporters and critics alike. The Sage of Caribou, Maine, has the last laugh.

The naive expectations of so many Mainers and others that Collins would actually vote against Kavanaugh, regardless of the evidence against him, reminds me of the classic quote from H. L. Mencken: “No one ever went broke underestimating the [political] taste of the American public.”

Two cheers for mediocrity.