A portrait of President Trump should be placed in every public school and university classroom

When I was growing up in Philadelphia portraits of George Washington and other leading Founding Fathers were found in every classroom in K-12 and college institution–and not just in offices but also in classrooms. I would like to see that tradition restarted or established in Maine. I have no idea if other cities and states outside of Maine do the same. Maybe this could be another instance of “Dirigo, I lead.”

I suspect that President Trump and his many supporters in the governing bodies of public education like the Bangor School Committee, the University of Maine System Board of Trustees,
and the University of Maine Community College System Board of Trustees would find this to be an excellent investment.

The presence of a Democratic Governor at this point shouldn’t preclude this project. Our students need to have someone to look up to, and President Trump is that person. Does anyone seriously disagree?