Susan Collins’ Love Affair With Corrupt For Profit Colleges

As I’ve written before in this space, “OUR SENATOR” Collins was instrumental in approving the controversial nominee Detsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Collins cynically voted for DeVos’ nomination in the Senate committee where her vote really mattered, but voted against DeVos in the full Senate where her vote didn’t matter as her buddy Mitch McConnell had enough votes not to need Collins’ vote. That in turn gave voters the false impression that Collins actually cared about federal support for public education.

A familiar tactic for Saint Susan to changed votes on nearly every Trump candidate for the Supreme Court–Neil Gorsuch and Brent Cavanaugh above all– but also with many right-wingers for District and Appeals Courts. She of course gets glowing praise from some Maine media outlets for her profile in courage
rather than her profile in hypocrisy.

I am especially distressed by Collins enabling tens of thousands of hardworking citizens to be misled by false promises of degrees from alleged accredited institutions. In fact, thanks in large part to Collins’ crucial and downright cruel vote, DeVos and her fellow billionaires are raking it in.

DeVos is the characteristic Trump and, yes, Collins Cabinet member: anti-democratic, obsessed about making ever more money, and contemptuous of what “Making America Great” supposedly means, or once did.