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A portrait of President Trump should be placed in every public school and university classroom

When I was growing up in Philadelphia portraits of George Washington and other leading Founding Fathers were found in every classroom in K-12 and college institution–and not just in offices but also in classrooms. I would like to see that tradition restarted or established in Maine. I have no idea if other cities and states […]

UME Ft Kent to give former Gov. LePage an honorary degree–ABOUT TIME! Recall his denunciation of all teachers as “a dime a dozen.” Read all about it in Friday’s Bangor Daily News story re interim Ft. Kent President (another non-Marxist, rest assured). I heard about a proposed honorary degree for our beloved ex-Governor a few […]

A new job for outgoing Representative Bruce Poliquin

Many Mainers mourn the departure of our outstanding two-term U.S. Representative, Bruce Poliquin. A man of quiet courage and conviction, Poliquin understood that his prime objective was to give the wealthiest Americans, including himself, ever more opportunities to increase their wealth and simultaneously to undermine further America’s already weak safety net for the rest of […]

Support Question 4 on Tuesday to fund higher ed improvements

The case has been made by many in Maine public higher education that passage of Question 4 will provide $49 million for upgrades and other improvements at all of Maine’s public universities, including UMaine. As UMaine’s new President recently explained in an e-mail, “Passage of Question 4 will create or modernize facilities that support academic […]

The UMaine Board of Trustees should endorse Shawn Moody for Governor.

Endorsing Shawn Moody for Governor would merely make official the Board of Trustees’ right-wing Republican slant and ingratiate the Governor-elect with the UME System and perhaps increase state funding. Since Moody is already a Trustee of not only the UMaine System but also the UME Community College System, an endorsement would not violate the fantasy […]

SENATOR COLLINS: Please spare UME graduations from your identification with Margaret Chase Smith

Many of us listened to your cliche-filled UME commencement address not that many years ago, and it is interesting that you’d get a return engagement this year. I don’t know of any other person ever getting a return engagement like you. But the Collins family and, by extension, the Republican Party nowadays controls public higher […]